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The company and its strategy

Our company belongs to the KBC Group, an integrated bancassurance multinational with a focus on the home markets of Belgium, Central & Eastern Europe and Ireland. Through customer-oriented approach, efficiency, enterprising spirit as well as innovation capacity, we aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, earn the loyalty of our employees, yield a sustainable return to our shareholder and contribute to the development of the community to which we belong. Our strong role in the risk management of the KBC Group franchise as well as our efficient cost structure make us a reliable long-term partner.

Our strategy pillars
  • Global systematic internal reinsurer.
  • Realization of diversification benefits and benefit of increased scale for bundled programs.
  • Service provider for the KBC Group.

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    The company's history started on 20-03-1989, when it was incorporated.
    Since then it has been offering reinsurance covers and other value adding services (*before the 26th April 2011, under the name Assurisk).


    Board of Directors of the KBC Group Re
  • Hans Verstraete: President of the board
  • Johan Daemen: Member of the board
  • Marc Euben: Member of the board
  • Ivo Bauwens: Executive Member of the board
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